April 3, 2009

Taking Control

I stopped posting because even I was depressed hearing about my seemingly endless challenges. I wrote a post Wednesday night after working late and feeling rather emotional about this week, but I decided not to post it. It was too much of a pity party and what I really needed was to get things under control. So that's what I did.

The post was titled "Frustration" and part of it said,

"I'm frustrated by my inability to get things done. I'm frustrated that I let my schedule totally cancel out training. I'm frustrated that my shoulder hurts after two months of being fine. I'm frustrated that I'm frustrated."

Being that frustrated finally helped bring an end to it. A good friend shared this quote with me that night:

"Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity"

I figured if that was true, I was in for the opportunity of a lifetime. So I made Thursday one of the most productive days I've ever had. I balanced a busy work day (working remotely) with a short bike, really great run, tons of packing, running errands, cleaning my apartment and getting some work done on my shoulder. it appears I've done something to my bicep tendon. It won't keep me from racing but may slow my swim (even slower than my normal slow) and make it painful. But I can tolerate pain.

I didn't get much sleep the last couple days, only 4.5 hours last night, but adopting a more positive outlook and regaining that control I'd lost has made me feel remarkably better. I'm on the plane now and on my way. I'm hoping for a nice nap when we take off. I can finally relax because it's all out of my hands now.

Biking (4/2)
Time - 30:00

Running (4/2)
Distance - 5 miles
Time - 42:21

1 comment:

  1. Bummer about the shoulder. I cracked a bone in my elbow last september by falling off my bike. Fortunately it wasn't my good bike and I wasn't going very fast.

    I only recently got to the point I could do a push up again. Even now rotating the arm (imagine opening a shoulder height doorknob at arms length) still produces the most amazing crunchy cracking noises. It's still not as strong as I'd like it to be for the swim. Sigh.

    All I can say is that's the way it is, and I have to cope. No point getting down about it, I do what I can, and carry on as best I can. Some day's it's good, some days less so. Hang in there.

    Oh, and good luck in NO 70.3! I'll look forward to reading about it!



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